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Terms and conditions

(As of 01/01/2020)

§ 1 Validity
The terms and conditions apply exclusively and shall govern the contract between the operator in the following and another with the registered users. The users are buyers and sellers of goods and services of all Art1. A sales contract is solely between the buyer and seller. From a binding contract will be considered for a bid. The contracts are not concluded with the The merely acts as the operator of the platform on which all types of products and services1 between buyer and seller may be distributed. This provides the operator via an appropriate user-friendly design the way for a smooth, uncomplicated and promote for all involved simple and effective trading.

§ 2 Accomplishment is a trading platform where traders who have registered an account, purchase products and services, if their offer, sale or acquisition is not against the law or is contrary to these General Conditions.
The operator offers to the users, which provided the framework, the technical possibility to use the platform in order to publish content themselves. The will to content published by users from the owner examined mainly before they officially made available to other users.
A verification of the data stored in the application, leads the operator through only to a limited extent. The operator is entitled to demand proof of the accuracy of the information, and on the business activities of users. The cannot exclude completely that are used in a wrong user account information. Each user has therefore to convince himself of the identity and the accuracy of the data stored his party. The published offers and content for buyers and sellers are not checked by the operator for accuracy and completeness.
For obvious illegality are reserved by the operator, not an offer or officially set to take the offer. Responsible for the offer is always the respective buyer or seller.

§ 3 Offer
An offer is always set by the buyer or seller and consists of a standardized description and the offer to additional information. The offering buyer or seller must ensure that its offers are seriously for order fulfillment. The offers must not violate any laws or morality.

§ 4 License Agreement
The operator is the Internet trading platform under the described functions. A right to use and its functions only within the framework of the current state of the art. The operator may limit its services at times when this is necessary in order to perform maintenance and other technical measures. The operator considered in these cases, the legitimate interests of registered users.

§ 5 Registration and User Account
To use the services of a registration with the operator is required. The data is used by opening an account under your agreement to these Terms. With the registration is concluded between the operator and the user of an agreement for the use of
Registration is reserved for adults only. Intended by the operator during the registration data requested in full, sincere and best know for certain, and correctly stated.
The user name must not be a third party to infringe any particular name or trademark rights, and do not violate public decency. Users must keep their password secret and secure access to their user account carefully. The users are obliged to inform the operator immediately if there is evidence that an account has been misused by third parties. The users themselves are liable in principle for all activities that occur under their account.

§ 6 Blocking
The operator can take appropriate measures if specific indications exist that a user statutory provisions, third party rights or violates these terms and conditions. For example, by the provisional or definitive closure of users and their accounts. The choice of a measure takes into account the legitimate interests of the operators of the affected user. The operator is seeking to clarify such matters in advance with the user.

§ 7 first-time registration  
At first login every commercial user get a free GBG24 account include the use of the following services:
Business profile including a own GBG24 URL
Company description
1 Company Logo
4 Companies pictures
1 Embed Code Video or Video file upload
Shop Module up to 100 Products or Services

News-, tenders-, jobs- and investment requests-, can also published for free.

§ 8 Prohibited articles and content
It is prohibited products and / or content, the offer, sale or purchase of which the offer of legal provisions, rights of others or offend against public decency, to and / or dissemination. Use is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. If the offers do not these laws, especially not the good manners, will block this user and the operator may initiate legal action. Users are invited and obliged to immediately report a breach to the address An exemplary list of prohibited items can be found in Annex 1.

§ 9 General
The users are obliged to follow in the use of force by the operator principles. It is the sole responsibility of each user to ensure that its services or contents are legal and no rights of third parties.
Users may addresses, contact details and e-mail addresses they have obtained through the use of the trading use for any purpose other than for the pre-contractual and communication. In particular, it is prohibited to sell these data further, or use them for the sending of advertising or other promotional activities, unless the respective user has expressly agreed to this before.

§ 10 deals and products
The seller must be available in the appropriate category set. In this case, all for the buying essential properties, characteristics and possible defects, which reduce the value of the goods offered will be given truthfully. In addition, the seller to the buyer must have the details of the payment and delivery information completely.

§ 11 of the contract between buyer and seller
If a seller, a on a product, it is thus a binding offer to conclude a contract from about this product. The purchaser may inspect the offer by the seller on his user account. The acceptance of the offer of the seller in a confirmation. The confirmation of the seller, the contract comes to pass.

§ 12 of the trading system integrity and fault
With which the operator provided services are dependent on the server availability. Technical faults or actions by the operator, which also serve the security and improvement of service, there may be temporary restrictions on availability and complete failures. The operator tries to reduce these incidents to a minimum.

§ 13 Data Protection
For the use of is valid for all users read the latest version of the operator, as it was deposited in the imprint.

§ 14 Change these Terms, Severability Clause
The operator reserves the right to change these Terms at any time without giving reasons. The modified terms will be sent to users by e-mail no later than two weeks before coming into force.

Prohibited goods / Websites
Prohibited items are goods or services that violate the copyright or trademark law:
Replicas and Fakes
Offers or Pages with pornographic content
Radical items
Violent pages
Pages with discriminatory content
Pages with radical political content
Extremist and offensive sides